Salvia Divinorum Dosage

It’s wise to get your Salvia Divinorum dosage correct. So start small and work your way up. Salvia extract is a powerful, concentrated form of the herb salvia divinorum. It can be many times more potent than the leaves of the plant. Be aware that even small doses can produce strong effects. When taking salvia extract, it is important to start with a very small dose and to increase it gradually over time. Dosage will vary greatly depending if you’re smoking the Salvia Divinorum Leaf or Salvia Extract. Not all extract manufacturers are consistent, so you’ll never know precisely the concentration. So always use just a tenth of the recommended dosage, and if it doesn’t work, increase it by another tenth. Eventually you will learn what dosage is needed from each batch of Salvia Extract. Make sure you test each batch the same way.

Salvia Sitter

A Salvia Sitter is someone who is present during a Salvia Divinorum experience to offer support and guidance. Many people who use Salvia Divinorum do so in order to achieve a spiritual or mystical experience, and a sitter can provide a calming and supportive presence during this often intense and unfamiliar state. Salvia sitters typically have experience with the herb and are familiar with the range of possible experiences that can occur. They can offer reassurance and support if the person experiencing the Salvia trip becomes confused or agitated, and can help to guide the person through the experience in a safe and supportive way.

Remember to always use Salvia under the supervision of a Salvia Sitter whom has previous personal experience with Salvia themselves. It’s also important to be in a safe setting where you both feel comfortable and relaxed. Make sure your sitter is present the entire time and that they can not just comfort you but guide you back to safety.

Out of Body Experience

The effects of salvia extract can vary depending on the dose, but can include powerful visual and auditory hallucinations, out-of-body experiences, and profound changes in perception and thought. The effects¬† can be both pleasant and challenging. Moreover, it’s important to go slowly and be prepared for whatever might happen and your sitter should know as well.

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